• Lucka Slatner

"Tumbleweed" in Vivid

It was an amazing feeling to see all our hard work pay off. Numerous people were walking around our "Tumbleweed" sculpture and reading out the words. Many of them took photos, some of them even took photos of friends standing in front of the installation.

The message behind the artwork is the myriad of emotions that one faces during the design process. Mostly the feelings are positive however there is also ever present fear. Fear of failure, fear of disapproval,... The impact of the last is so powerful that it can not only affect but sometimes even overcome the positive.

As all artists do, we were wondering if our message got through so we actually spoke to some of the visitors and they were not only excited to meet the designers but also very keen to tell us how clear the message was.

We're now breathing a small sigh of relief, our blood sweat and tears were worth it. Come down to Walsh Bay and take a look. Hope to see you there.











Thanks so much guys at The Lighting Guild, this wouldn't have been possible without your deft hands.



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