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Light Atelier around Vivid Sydney

This Wednesday we decided to have a looksy around Vivid. It was a beautiful night, albeit a tad cold but nothing a brisk walk or a cup of takeaway coffee wouldn't thaw. We were eager to see what our fellow designers and artists have come up with and were as always amazed how marvelous the human imagination is. We decided for the night to only see a part of it and that is Walsh Bay to Opera House. We didn’t always agree on what spurred our interest nor on our level of liking but we did agree on a few stand out pieces. Allow me to say a few words about them.

Vivid Sydney 2015_The Dresses_Back Streets of the Rocks_LF_DNSW_ 1.jpg


Our absolute favourite. The intricacy of optic fibres and subtle colour changing was just mesmerizing.



Loved it! How simple yet such big impact. The changing moon projection worked so well with the warm light halo splashed on a sand textured wall that we all agreed it should be a permanent art piece.



Again, simple yet beautiful in its simplicity. Loved the fact that it uses the elements, it this case the breeze through the passageway to enhance the experience.

Vivid Sydney 2015_Light Origami_Alfred Street_LF_DNSW_ 1.jpg


Speachless. So good. The light bounces and reflects of the millions of triangular surfaces in a mind-blowing explosion of light.

Vivid Sydney 2015_Tidal-Reed-Garden_Campbells-Cove_Credit-DestinationNSW_ KM_--4


Another installation that we absolutely loved. Beautiful and simple in design but mesmerizing to look at. The reeds use the undulating of water to gently sway and glow in the night.

To be continued...

Note: All images are curtesy of Vivid Light 2015 and "Alya - Quintesential Vivid Walk".

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