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Timbeeeer Lights

Maybe it's the cold that made us look at the timber as a material for lights, or maybe just because they're fantastic. We feel that these lights are a cross between solid wood furniture and light fittings and they're pulling it off in a wondrous way. We're already feeling warmer.

Trunk Pendant byTrentino Wood&Design

Sophie by Lasfera

Shio by Arturo Alvarez

M-Lamp by Anastassiya Leonova

Timp by Lutz Pankow for Pliet

Pok by Belta&Frajumar

Littleman Desk Lamp by by David Krynauw

Moolin by Lasfera

Coco Pendant by Kate Stokes

Kulho by Blond Belysning

K-Blade by Riva1920

June by Nikari

Fiama Lamp by Riva1920

Icon by Fehling&Peiz&Kraud


Up Lamp by Deesawat

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