• Lucka Slatner

Quirk me up, Scotty!

There's nothing better than a good sense of humour.

Cannot help but to high-five the designers for the adorable and sometimes funky quirkyness.

Stiletto Lamp by Studio IK

Memory Suspension by Brokis

Pouring Light by Yeongwoo Kim

Pop by DVO

Jeeves&Wooster Table Lamp by Innermost

Gun Bedside Lamp by Flos

Alouette 3 Birds Pendant by Atelier Areti Lighting

Trash Me by &Tradition

Baloon Lamp by Haoshi

Pinocchio by Eden Design

Book Light by Tecnolumen

Dog Lamp by Matt Pugh

Playlight by Andreas Janson

Pooping Dogs by Whatshisname

(no, we're not kidding, that's the designer's artistic name)

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