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We're in Vivid Again!

How stupendously exciting times ahead! Again, we've been selected to be part of Vivid Light Festival! One of the biggest and most vibrant festivals of light in the world. Each year Sydney lights up in this glourious display of lights, arts and all types of creativity. Every night from 6pm onwards, visitors from around the world come and marvel at light sculptures, projections, light displays and other events. It is truly magical and ... we're in it again!!!!

Not only that, but we were honoured to be selected for the showcase piece that Vivid officials select to be presented at their Media Launch Event but we'll cover that amazing experience in our next blog.

Dipping Birds Visual

This year we've decided to wake up the child within and revisit some of our childhood toys. We noticed that kids nowadays are playing with toys that are completely different to what we were used to and what we grew up with. Now, blame it on the skip in generation and we do get it. Times are different but we still don't feel so old. We remenisced about our oldies goldies toys, one idea led to another and Bob's your uncle! Dipping Birds!

Dipping birds in an imitation of an old novelty toy that we used to marvel at so. It was a tiny little birdie that you'd place on the rim of your glass and it would bob and dip its beak into the water pretending to drink. We took that concept and scaled it up. Big time.

The whole installation is comprised of two large abstract birds; each is approximately 2.5m tall; that alternate dipping their beaks into the water and seemingly drink the coloured light from the pond. One of the birds lowers its head and dips the beak into the surface and gradually changes colour from head to toe with the colour of the pond lights. Meanwhile the pond lights also gradually change colour to suit, mimicking the colour being soaked up by the bird. After the bird has “soaked up the colour” it now straightens up, leaving the pond in a different light so the other bird can repeat the action. This scheme is therefore always changing and thus offering a fun experience wether one would like to be entertained by the action or simply relish in the dreamy nature of the colour change.

You can visit our installation at the Twin Ponds in Botanic Gardens. See you there!

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