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Wobbelees in Vivid Light Festival

The Vivid Light Festival is upon us again. How exciting! The lights, the people, the music, the food, the ideas, the creativity overflowing. What's not to love?!

In the past years we were proud to have participated in this amazing festival but we decided to enjoy the other side of the picket fence this time. Pun intended. Thus, this year we are just coming as visitors and we are so looking forward to feast our eyes. Vivid never disappoints so we're confident we're in for a treat.

However, we could not help ourselves but to reminisce a bit. I know we're not supposed to have favourites among our own creations except for this one. Guilty as charged. What can we say, we just loved everything about it! We loved designing it and loved making it and loved to watch kids play with it. In our view these little fellas ticked all the boxes. They wobbled, they chimed, changed colours and never ceased to amaze us.They wobbled near at the Circluar Quay in the First Fleet Park next to MCA and we hope you had a chance to go.

We also went online and checked what others said about them and all we could find were positive experiences that delighted us. Here are the links to what we found.



Thank you very much for your kind words. We will continue to strive to bring smiles to people's faces.

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