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Colour Temperature In The Kitchen

Still in the kitchen, still on the countertop lighting, still need to buff and polish a few more questions. Last week we talked about a potential issue that could arise in the form of unsightly reflection of the LED chips that you can see on a reflective surface, that either be the countertop or the splashback. I noticed that most people were reticent to offer a written answer to what they believe could be the culprit but were more than happy to have a chat in person or over the phone. My suspicions were confirmed, most people do not know or understand why it happens. The answer is in the high gloss surface and wrong detail or extrusion – more accurately the opacity of the diffuser and/or the distance between the chips and diffuser. This multi-pronged issue is tricky to resolve as there is no universal formula. The best way to tackle it is to ask an expert for help.

To continue our kitchen lighting, this week we’re taking the colour temperature under microscope. Colour temperature is a way to describe the light appearance as either warm white, neutral light or cool light and we express it in degrees Kelvin and in lighting it scales between 2000K being quite orange and 6500K with bluish tinge.

Most people find the range between 3000K-4000K most pleasing however it does come with lower output of the chips themselves. The correlation between colour and output could be a story for another day. The colour temperature is the main factor of how we perceive an ambient. Warm white is more inviting whilst we find cool white crisper and brighter.

Cool white, neutral white and warm white lights

The big question is, what is YOUR preferred colour temperature? Bear in mind that we’re still discussing kitchen lighting. The pitfall is that colour temperature affects the colour rendition – how we see a certain colour – and the risk lies in our misinterpretation of food quality. As always, when in doubt call an expert. That’s why we’re here for.


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