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IESANZ - Supreme Brilliance Award for Yallingup House

We are honoured to announce to have received the Supreme Brilliance Award at the #IESANZ International Lighting Design Awards for our works at the Yallingup House in WA. We were lucky to have worked with such knowledgeable, talented and dedicated people. Their combined efforts resulted in this amazing project.

Yallingup House is a private residence situated in a secluded area of Western Australia. Perched above a beach cliff, it is surrounded by mesmerising views and undisturbed nature. The architecture is interlaced with natural elements and textures, seemingly marrying both into one cohesive structure.

Lighting was vital to the success of this project. The large windows that cover the house and offer amazing vistas during the day also represent the biggest challenge. The light bleeds onto vertical surfaces, making them an integral part of the both ambience and architecture. Everything in this project was addressed with the upmost scrutiny. From customising the ceiling coves to blend in with the architecture, down to pre-set lighting schemes that allow for everchanging dynamics of daylight making smooth transitions from day to night.

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