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LED Dots On The Counter – What to do?

We’re down to fine tuning. Almost. Kitchen lighting, under cupboard, Linear LED, recessed,… those were your thoughts. Thank you everyone for relaying them. I had some interesting discussions this week and it would seem we all have our go-to solutions or convenient integration details that can save the day. Having said that, I’ve got a challenge for you. Who can tell me why THIS problem happens?

I’ll start the challenge with a brief technical explanation if I may. An LED strip light, you may have heard of the names as LED tape or ribbon light, is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted LED chips. Thanks to the adhesive backing, the strip can be mounted onto an aluminium flat-bar or within an aluminium channel (extrusion) and covered with a diffuser. Sounds simple enough, right?

Linear LED strip-light within an aluminium channel, covered with a frosted diffuser

Here’s the question. Imagine a scenario where you’ve done the design of your kitchen, spent all that money to make sure you’ve got the best and most functional layout, the best finishes and the colour scheme is to die for. The units have been installed and the countertop buffed and polished. LEDs have been mounted and lighting is perfect. Well almost. We can see the dots from the LED strip on the countertop!

Dot-effect on the counter

It’s so called dot-effect and it COMPLETELY ruins the aesthetics. All that money spent on the kitchen is pretty much funneled down the drain as there is not a soul in this world that would perceive the kitchen as anything but third grade. All that’s missing is a guy in dirty apron flipping burgers on our $2000 stove-top.

Dot-effect on the splashback

And to add to the confusion, the LED strip is covered with the diffuser so when you look at it you see just a bar of light. Most people don’t know why they can see the dot-effect. Do you? I am keen to hear your thoughts and moreover, what solution do you go for?

And if you happen to not know the answer to the question, no worries. As we always recommend, get help from the experts. The above scenario can easily be avoided.

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