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Lighting The Robe?

When we talk about different types of lighting, we typically like to classify them in three basic lots. General lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. There’s also very important mood lighting but the jury’s still out on that whether we should classify it under general lighting or add another class but let’s put a pin in that discussion for now. In this basic scheme of lighting I often see one area that is grossly overlooked. The robe.

Downlights or integrated lighting? What is better?

I believe it is one of those things that likes to fall between the cracks. Is it part of the general lighting or task lighting? We most often see it lit with general lighting however, it begs to differ if choosing an outfit in the morning is a task or not and thus would call for more attentive lighting than just downlights from the middle of the room.

There are multitudinous options on how to light a robe to ensure the best colour rendition – in my opinion very important part of selection – and light levels to find the attire. Some people prefer downlights or spotlights, some people prefer more dispersed light source like an oyster type of ceiling light whilst others swear by integrated lighting.

How would you go about it? Add an extra downlight or leave it to the rest of general lighting to do the job with two-birds-with-one-stone strategy?

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