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Lighting your kitchen - to downlight or not to downlight

When it comes to lighting a functional space, like the kitchen, we’re always faced with the dilemma whether to opt for general lighting or consider more dedicated lighting above specific task areas. We always end up weighing between the more cost-effective downlights or more functional LEDs. To begin with let’s identify the areas where we actually need light.

The most obvious task areas are the kitchen counters and when you need light to chop up those onions with the very sharp knife one has to feel a bit apprehensive about introducing lower output LEDs as opposed to the downlights that lots of people consider a staple tool in lighting.

Using downlights to produce good quality lighting on the other hand is trickier than most people think. More often than not I see them arrayed in the grid pattern on the ceiling, dumping light left, right, front and centre. Not only this is not a sustainable solution but contributes to poor lighting ambient. It can be done right but you need good quality light fittings and an expert to advise where to put them.

linear LED Vs downlights comparison
Kitchen Lighting

Wheeling back onto those LEDs above the countertops. When it comes to delivering the light exactly where it’s needed, they are the better solution not to mention reducing your electricity bill. Most often my clients express concern over seemingly complicated integration. Agreed, it can’t be an over-the-weekend DIY job and then expect Instagram worthy ambient. They require an expert hand too and I’m not talking only about the electrician, you’d need someone who understands their functionality, the finishes and colours to produce the best outcome.

There’s always an option of mixing the two strategies of course but that’s another story. In conclusion, when we’re facing the hard decision on how to light an important space like kitchen it’s always best to ask an expert. It can save you a lot of money and headache down the line.

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