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Mood Lighting, The Key To Any Heart

Valentine’s Day is about and many of us are thinking about doing something special for that beloved person in our lives. And we go through great extents to conjure up the right mood for the romantic dinner. Good food, great wine and above all the perfect lighting ambient to bring magic in the air.

Out of all types of lighting, mood lighting has the most profound effect on how we experience the space and events. It influences all senses and how we interpret the stimuli thus it affects everything from touch, smell, sound, sight and even alters taste. It can be the strongest tool to enhance, or spoil, any sensory experience. In the perfect execution it can affect the way we live the moment, the food tastes better, wine sweeter, music is smoother, the touch is softer,…

I like to think of it as houte-cuisine of the architecture and with that, nothing can be left to chance. Chefs select the best produce, the best herbs and spices, train for years to perfect their techniques and methods so the dish can be an extraordinary experience. Same with good lighting design. Only the best products that go with appropriate details, best selection of surfaces and accents. Everything is meticulously thought through and for that, the evening truly can be enchanting.

But one doesn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day for that magic. The romance can be invoked by simply having a great mood lighting. Why have that kind of ambient only one day a year if you can have it every day? Investing in good mood lighting is always a good idea.

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