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Recess Or Not To Recess, That Is Now The Question

Kitchen, under cupboard lighting, here we are again.

Last week we discussed where is the optimal position for the linear LED under cupboards. Front, centre or at the back and the jury is still out on the question. Some of you commented that it is best put to use when it’s in the front - I heard some great arguments – whilst others advocated the back of the cupboard. Interestingly enough, nobody stood up for centre position. It makes me wonder though, why not and why do I then see it so often in applications? Anyhoo, let’s put a pin in the last question and plod on with the next set of decision making. Oh, you thought that was it, right? Not even close.

Positioning done, now the question is whether to recess the fitting or not? Is it surface mounted, flush or even completely concealed from view.

Linear LED at back of cupboard - surface mounted and recessed

The problem arises with the old devil called budget. Recessing is more costly and not only that, it requires proper detailing. Furthermore, it would often entail thicker bottom paneling and the joinery needs to accommodate for that with, bigger front panels and thicker bottom panel and some people don’t like the look of it.

Flush mounting of linear LED - centred to cupboard

Allow me to offer a quick explanation. Cupboards are individual units and some like to add another panel on the bottom that runs the entire length to cover the joints. This for starters is adding to the cost that some people like to avoid. Should you choose to recess the LED you need to allow for extra cuts and that again is adding the dollars. However, you cannot recess the LED without that extra panel. If you do, you end up with this kind of result and I’ll let you be the judge.

Intermittent Under-cupboard Linear LED Lighting

So, what’s your take on recessing? Does aesthetics justify the extra cost? I’m interested in hearing your opinion. And when you decide on what you like best, get an expert to document it. It is worth it.

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