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RGB LED In The Kitchen

I know Christmas is fast approaching and everyone goes a little bit crazy at this time of year. All the excitement, all the work stresses, all the Christmas and End Of Year parties, shopping for presents and everything else. In the midst of all that we see all those colourful lights and we can get a little bit carried away and I’m not referring to colour temperature anymore. I’m talking about RGB LED and since we haven’t left the kitchen, I would have a question about colour-changing feat. Does it belong in the kitchen or not? What are your thoughts?

As a Vivid Light Festival artist I am all too familiar with colour-changing LEDs, they do have their time and place, even in architectural lighting. I am not so sure if the kitchen is the right place though. A little while ago these kinds of features were widely available and even promoted as luxurious and almost the next best thing after sliced bread. It was no surprise when a client here and there asked about them.

RGB LED in the kitchen

Yes, my stance is clear, RGB in the kitchen is a no-go in my view. I’d even say that when it comes to it, you don’t need an expert but rather some common sense. However, I’m not infallible. Have you seen a kitchen with well applied RGB (or anything other than white LED) that was tasteful and appealing? Please share your experience.

(source of images: Pinterest)

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