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Under Cupboard Lights - Style And Type Under Revision

Let’s talk some more about those under cupboard lights in the kitchen, shall we?

Last week we discussed what is better, linear LEDs or puck lights. It is a short jump to assumption that linear LEDs would align (pun intended) better with modern architecture whereas the puck lights would suit more classic design. On the above notes, pray forgive me for the crude classification of interior design styles. With a plethora of styles nowadays it’s impossible to be politically and aesthetically correct it would seem. Let's add the so-called 'fusion styles' to the mix and we’ve got ourselves one-way ticket to confusionville, so for the purpose of this you’ll just have to bear with me and my two boxes. Modern and Classic.

The feedback on the article from last week was quite unanimous and in support of the above described idea. However, I’ve got some proof that could beg to differ. Linear LEDs that are rather skillfully merged with more classic interior and puck lights that found their place in a modern environment. What are your thoughts? Does it work or not? Or mayhap you have seen better executions?

Linear LEDs in classic style Vs Puck Lights in modern

Now, I’m not saying it’s ideal but does warrant questioning the hypothesis. Could it be that it’s not only the interior design style but also the selection of texture on the wall? One thing’s for sure. Any attempt of this kind would require a keen eye and an expert hand. As always.

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