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Under Cupboard LEDs. Back, Front or Centre?

Nooooo, we're far from done with the undercupboard lighting. A few more feats to consider, like where you want the LED? Front of cupboard, in the middle or at the back.

When deciding on where to place the LEDs there are a few factors to take into account. One is the texture of the splashback. The closer the light source it will be the more the texture will be emphasized. If the tiles - or whatever you have chosen - already have a rough surface it may be an overkill with the LEDs grazing the front or maybe this intensity is exactly what you're after. And let's not forget that it could be something that backfires should the execution of the splahsback be faulty. Any imperfection will scream.

The other effect that needs to be considered is the light cone that will be visible on the end of counter, on the either wall or tall unit. This cone will be visible should you choose to go with front or centre of the cupboard whereas it will blend in at the back mounted option.

Linear LEDs undercupboard positions
Under Cupboard Linear LEDs at three different locations. At the back of the cupboard, in the middle and at the front.

If I'm boiling it down to bulletpoints the last one would be the biggest. The main difference between applications is the uniformity of light on counter and back wall. The LED at the front of the counter will deliver the most uniformly lit counter however there will be some shadow gradient on the splashback. Sometimes this is a welcome feature but it needs to be said so you can have it in mind when designing. Similar effect will be produced by LED placed centreline to the underside of cupboard but to lesser extent. The lights placed at the front of the cupboard will result in the least lit splashback but on the other hand deliver the best lighting to the countertop.

In my personal opinion - I know that I shouldn't have preferences but I'm a designer so I do - the best looking lighting solution is the linear LED at the back. There. I said it. I believe it adds another plane to the kitchen space and I love it. It doesn't always work best so I do make decisions based on individual situations and projects and taking everything into account. And having said that, if unsure as always, get an expert to help. I wouldn't cut my own hair or try to fix my car. Would you?

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